PCS™ ThinLine: Set 1

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Designed with a clean, more detailed look to appeal to anyone: adults, teens and children, the PCS ThinLine style is the next step in PCS development. Offering a broad range of topics, PCS ThinLine provides a powerful communication tool and gives you just what you need to participate in a multitude of environments. Add over 2,500 symbols to your PCS library with the new PCS ThinLine: Set 1 symbol collection.

Set 1 includes the following PCS ThinLine Collections:

PCS ThinLine: People, Feelings & Actions
PCS ThinLine: Animals & Outdoors
PCS ThinLine: Community & Home
PCS ThinLine: Food & Drink
PCS ThinLine: School
PCS ThinLine: Leisure
PCS ThinLine: Language Elements
PCS ThinLine: Health & Body
PCS ThinLine: Backgrounds