ColorCards®: Decisions

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ColorCards®: Decisions uses large, photographic cards to illustrate 30 unexpected or unwelcome situations, varying from minor difficulties that upset daily routine (like missing a bus), to major predicaments that can be dangerous (like finding a pan on fire in the kitchen). Designed to encourage children to think logically, to use reasoning skills and to make prompt and rational decisions, some situations will be familiar, while some will present new challenges.

The ColorCards®: Decisions set is categorized for the convenience of teachers and therapists:

  • Keeping safe
  • Enjoying a challenge
  • Moral dilemmas
  • Resisting temptation

Each category features suggested activities and questions for discussion.

How it works

Level 1
At level 1, students choose a solution from a set of given options.

  1. Choose a group of cards to work through.
  2. Talk together about each problem or situation, and make a list of possible scenarios that might occur.
  3. Go through each of these, and discuss the benefits and possible difficulties of each course of action.
  4. Finally, ask students to choose the best way forward in their opinion.
Level 2
At Level 2, the students analyze the circumstances individually, generate their own list of potential action, and then select the most appropriate outcome.
  1. Choose a group of basic cards to work through.
  2. Ask students to consider the scenarios depicted and the possible outcomes, and then to make a decision on the best way forward.
  3. Later, in turn, ask them to explain their own solution to classmates and talk through the range of possibilities.
  4. Ask students to work as a group to come to a conclusion on the very best Increase body awareness and thinking skills. Act out the different movements used when playing sports, enjoying hobbies and performing exercises.
ColorCards® Decisions also help individuals:
  • Make rational decisions and responsible choices
  • Develop independent thought
  • Stay safe in different situations
  • Understand the differences between minor difficulties and emergencies
  • Realize that some problems are practical and that some include an element of social behavior
  • Know when there is a danger or potential danger
  • Understand that sometimes you should ask for help, sometimes take the initiative or walk away
  • Find a balance between acting quickly and considering all aspects of a situation
  • Recognize that there will be consequences of intervening and think about what might happen next.
Includes 30 laminated cards with rounded corners, instruction booklet, CD that lets teachers print cards and storage box. Cards measure 8.25" x 11.75".