What is Boardmaker?

Boardmaker is a trusted tool for parents, teachers, and therapists to create symbol adapted accessible curriculum materials for students – regardless of their abilities.

Discover Which Boardmaker Software Program is Right for You

Whether you are looking to create a picture schedule, working to meet modern educational standards, or even teaching a new language, there is a Boardmaker Software Family program for you.

Boardmaker® Online

Cloud-Based Solution

Boardmaker Online lets you create engaging print and interactive materials, like communication boards, behavior supports, sequences and visual schedules. You’ll also get access to our Community of over 450,000 teachers, therapists, and parents who have already shared more than 56,000 ready-made print and interactive materials.

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"Boardmaker is the best thing ever created for speech therapy! I wish I could give this software to every family I work with!"
- Jenny G.
"I use Boardmaker Plus 6 every day in my classroom. We use the print and interactive activities I create as well as those from BoardmakerOnline.com. Love the sharing!"
- Elise K.

Boardmaker® Studio

Fast & Powerful Software

Create professional-looking boards and activities faster and easier using pre-programmed tools and 100s of pre-made templates in every instructional area.


Boardmaker® Plus!

Print &Interactive

Boardmaker® Plus! offers all the same features as Boardmaker® for creating print-based materials, and it doesn't stop there. Boardmaker® Plus! transforms your paper activities – and your students' learning experience – by making your activities interactive for use on the computer with sound, animation and video.



Print Only

Boardmaker® lets you create valuable printed materials, like communication boards, sequences and schedules that are perfect for all of your students. Easy-to-use features let you design your own materials, with symbols supported in 44 languages, and choose the topics, symbols, labels, colors borders, languages and more – all designed to help your students reach classroom goals.


The Five W’s of Boardmaker

Who should use Boardmaker?

Teachers, therapists and parent of students with special learning needs consider Boardmaker to be an invaluable tool.

What kinds of activities can you create?

Create visual schedules, communication books, interactive activities, speech output boards, and more!

Where are Boardmaker activities used?

Anywhere! Boardmaker activities are used in the inclusive classroom, special education classroom, speech therapy sessions, out in the community and at home.

When is Boardmaker the most useful?

When you want to support students' language and literacy goals through differentiated instruction, while providing learning they enjoy.

Why do people use Boardmaker?

Because it works. Boardmaker makes adapting learning materials and creating educational supports fast and easy.